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(po͞oro͞oz`), river, c.2,100 mi (3,380 km) long, rising in the Andes Mts., E Peru. It flows generally northeast in a meandering course, across Acre and Amazonas states, NW Brazil, to the Amazon River. Mostly navigable, it traverses a rubber-producing region and receives the Acre River at Bôca do Acre.



a river in South America, mainly in Brazil, a right tributary of the Amazon. It is 3,200 km long and drains an area of 365,000 sq km. Originating in Peru, near the eastern foothills of the Andes, it meanders through the Amazon Basin within clayey and lightly eroded banks in humid equatorial forests. The mean annual flow rate is 12,600 cu m per sec. High water is in March and April. The Purús is navigable for almost its entire length.

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Prior to his role at PURUS, Jim was involved in private equity and management consulting.
In lacinia, lacus eget facilisis mollis, velit lorem tincidunt leo, et auctor leo purus sed elit.
Geometric earthworks, linked by roads, were located near the confluence of the Acre and Purus rivers, in the state of Amazonas.
Meanwhile, Anheuser-Busch entered the vodka fray in November via its subsidiary, Long Tail Libations, launching Purus, an organic vodka made with Italian wheat.
Selling for $35 a bottle, Purus will at first be marketed in "the Northeast's most exclusive high-end lounges, restaurants and specialty grocery and liquor stores," according to A-B's press release.
Sena Madureira, basin of Rio Purus, Rio Laco, right bank, Nova Olinda, between Igarape Santo Antonio and Igarape Boa Esperanca, 10[degrees]07'S, 69[degrees]13'W, 29 Oct 1993, D.
Whitehead again, if I remember rightly, attributes this utter actuality, actus purus, to the words of Christ (either Symbolism or Religion in the Making).
PURUS - a winner in France and Germany, the gelding ran pleasingly on his debut for Philip Mitchell at Lingfield-keeping on close home to finish eighth of the 12 runners - and could be one to consider in a lower grade.
6 million-acre Alto Purus conservation complex on the Brazilian border will preserve the home of both the humans and the animals that live in the deepest regions of the Peruvian Amazon.
Writing causes the affect to slip into the effect--actus purus,
These include (1) little knowledge and gaps in the understanding of the disease transmission process; (2) individuals' perception of pleasure; (3) sense of responsibility to engage in safer sex; (4) symbolic meaning of birjoban purus or "real man" within the context of masculine sexual performance; (5) the personal techniques of making sex enjoyable and prolonged; (6) sex workers' request for condom use in the context of increased awareness for safer sex from NGO interventions; and (7) clients' various strategies to avoid condom use by giving a false sense of security to sex workers.
In fact, the "definition" Thomas Aquinas gave for God is "Subsisting Being Itself," Ipsum Esse Subsistens, or, in Aristotelian terms, "Pure Actuality," Actus Purus.