push technology

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push technology

Transmitting data from an internal network or a cloud-based service to the user's computer or mobile device. Notifications for a wide variety of events as well as stock quotes and text messages are pushed in real time. In contrast, e-mail and various types of updates are typically pushed at intervals. Cloud-based services push people's personal photos, videos and documents to all their devices to keep them in sync. Automatic updates to applications are also a form of push technology.

Push Is Automatic - Pull Requires a Request
Contrast push with "pull" technology, in which the user initiates a request for the data each time. Downloading a Web page is an example of the pull model.

PointCast Was the First
In the mid-1990s, PointCast was the first Internet product to become popular for pushing selected news and stock quotes into a user's computer (see PointCast). See real time, BackWeb and Active Channel.

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A Network Box white paper on push technology can be accessed on the web at http://download.
0 Push technology is available immediately in Enterprise and Platinum editions of NetScaler.
Darren Hudson, Push Technology CTO continues, "The challenge of enabling all of these major product enhancements in an area where standards are still emerging has been one that we relish.
PointCast, the industry leader of push technology, launched a product more than a year ago that enables computer users to receive channels of news, sports and other news information directly on their computer.
The cellular push to talk Push to Talk, Push to Cellular, Voice and Data IP Push Strategies, Market Shares, and Market Forecasts, 2007 to 2013 discusses the advantages of push technology as the small screen of wireless handsets becomes dominant.
Delivering carefully targeted information to its ideal audience in a matter of moments has always been the implicit promise of e-Publishing," said Barkat, an Internet visionary who is widely credited with driving the rebirth of push technology.
Diffusion has significant interest and is gaining momentum in the UK and European markets," said Darren Hudson, Chief Technology Officer for Push Technology.
the creators of the digital commerce network, and BackWeb(R) Technologies (Nasdaq: BWEB), the leading provider of push for e-business solutions, today announced plans to use BackWeb's Polite(TM) push technology to deliver customized and timely content to PC users browsing the DigitalSquare shopping environment directly from their PC desktops.
The new update enhances VersaMail by adding Microsoft's Direct Push Technology, which gives users connected to an Exchange Server fast, automatic wireless updates of email, calendar and contact information.
Powered by next-generation push technology, Universal Push provides e-businesses with a single communications infrastructure for any application to deliver content to any user on any common data device via BackWeb Polite(TM) Push, email, wireless, fax, and voice mail.
The Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) is available out of the box with the Treo 750 and includes Direct Push Technology, which gives users connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server fast, automatic wireless updates of their email, calendar items, contacts and tasks.
SecureCast utilizes Internet push technology to deliver regular updates of anti-virus software directly to network administrators or end-user desktops.