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The Indian children participated in puzzle solving with compliant responses.
95, now is the perfect time for gamers to experience handheld puzzle solving action at its best," said Alison Quirion, vice president of marketing, D3PA.
Once a winner has been declared, both final puzzles will be posted on The Hunt Web site for all participants to test their puzzle solving powers one last time.
THOSE of you who remember the old 'point and click' puzzle solving games will be familiar with the basics behind Journey to the Moon.
Although it does not break any boundaries, it is _ a competent game with shooting, puzzle solving and scanning the odd bystander to see if they have a price on their heads in order to make a bit of cash.
Challenges include trip wire mazes, rope bridge events, puzzle solving and rafting.
Engaging in one or two player cooperative gameplay, gamers will find themselves immersed in fast-paced combat, puzzle solving challenges and vehicle-based action in rich environments inspired by the popular, outlandish cartoon tales.
These include sports clubs, chess tournaments and puzzle solving activities.
With Ratchet and his robotic chum Clank separated from the start, the long-eared Lombax sticks to traditional platforming and shooting, while Clank gets involved with ingenious time-based puzzle solving.
The action is a nice mix between action, puzzle solving, cutscenes and humour.
Sudoku Garden's one-button interface is satisfyingly simple and you have instant access to an easy-to-follow tutorial complete with puzzle solving hints.