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synthetic esters of chrysanthemumic acid; analogs of pyrethrins.

Pyrethroids are obtained either by the reaction of chrysanthemumyl chloride with an alcoholic moiety in the presence of a tertiary amine or by transesterification of the ethyl ester of chrysanthemumic acid in the presence of sodium. The pyrethroids that are most toxic to insects are esters of cyclopentenolones, of substituted benzyl alcohols, and of N-hydroxymethylimides.

Pyrethroids produced today include allethrin (2-allyl-3-meth-yl-2-cyclopenten-4-oI-l-onyl chrysanthemumate), furethrin (2-furfury 1 -3-methyl -2- cyclopenten - 4 -ol -1 - ony 1 chrysanthemum-ate), cyclethrin (2-cyclopentenyl-3-methyl-2-cyclopenten-4-ol-1 -onyl chrysanthemumate), barthrin (6-chloropiperonyl chrysanthemumate), dimethrin (2,4-dimethylbenzyl chrysanthemumate), and tetrametrine [N-(3,4,5,6-tetrahydrophthalimido)-methyl chrysanthemumate]. These compounds, usually in the form of aerosols, are used against household insects.


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However, because only pyrethroids are currently available for impregnating bed nets, and use of alternative insecticide classes for indoor residual spraying often result in higher program costs (14,15), resistance management options are severely limited.
Use of deltamethrin or other pyrethroids still remain a choice for vector control till an effective alternative insecticide is available for vector control for management of insecticide resistant vectors.
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com The king of bug sprays, each squirt lasts for up to 10 hours and discourages midges, thanks to a formula combining natural pyrethroids and DEET.
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