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(o-dihydroxybenzene), a dihydric phenol; a colorless crystalline solid with a phenol odor. Melting point, 104°C; boiling point, 246°C. Darkens rapidly upon exposure to air; soluble in water, alcohol, and ether.

Pyrocatechol fuses with phthalic anhydride to yield the dyes alizarin and hystazarin. It is alkylated by isobutylene to tert-butylpyrocatechol, an effective inhibitor of free radical processes. Pyrocatechol is used as a photographic developer.

Pyrocatechol is found in the molecules of many native aromatic compounds (for example, tannins), from which it was first obtained by dry distillation. It is a source material in the preparation of adrenalin; the monomethyl ether of pyrocatechol is called guaiacol. Pyrocatechol is commercially prepared by alkaline fusion of o-chlorophenol or o-phenolsulfonic acid.

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graecum tubers and leaves were expressed as microgram of pyrocatechol equivalent mg of extracts as shown in Table 1.
not analyzed; (a) the sum includes also 3,5-DMP and 2,5-DMP; (b) additionally 0-16 mg/l of 2,6-DMP, 15-60 mg/l of 2,3,4-trimethylphenol, 0-10 mg/l of 2,4-dibutylphenol, 24-243 mg/l of pyrocatechol Table 5.
39 g/L for the benzethonium chloride, biuret, modified biuret, and pyrocatechol violet, respectively, and for [lambda], the TUP results were 0.
Pyro, named after the photographic chemical pyrocatechol, first flew as a kitten tucked into the jacket of New Brighton-bred Mr Bird as he carried out top secret spying missions for the government over enemy territory.
Then a chemical such as potassium hydroxide, ethylene diamine pyrocatechol, or hydrazine selectively etches the material.
The developed potentiometric method used as detector a Pt electrode transducer based on logarithmic dependence, which provided the antioxidant activity of several hydrosoluble antioxidants (ascorbic acid, pyrocatechol, pyrogallol, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, gallic acid, tannic acid, uric acid, l-cysteine, and Trolox).
Dye decolorization in the presence of different redox mediators: Both the dyes were incubated with gourd peel peroxidase in the presence of different redox mediators including; 6-dimethoxy phenol, 1-hydroxy benzotriazol, p-cumeric acid, pyrocatechol, syringaldehyde, syringic acid, vanillin and veratryl alcohol (1.
Paper mulberry (broussonetia kazinoke): The extracts of root and bark are potent tyrosinase inhibitors[2, 3] The active moiety has been identified as the pyrocatechol derivative shown at right.
In this method, protein in the sample binds to a pyrocatechol violet-molybdate complex, resulting in an absorption shift.
Examples are potassium hydroxide, ethylene diamine pyrocatechol, and hydrazine.