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QCA structure defined in figure 5, 10 and 13 can be used to build combinational and sequential circuits.
The policy of the QCA is, and always has been, that A-level standards must be maintained over time.
The QCA maintains and develops the national curriculum and associated assessments, tests and examinations, and accredits and monitors qualifications.
But the department said the inquiry was damning of the QCA and added: "If he believes further correction is required, he should raise it with Lord Sutherland.
As the QCA chairman Christopher Trinick rightly says in responding to Lord Sutherland's findings: "we must learn from the mistakes which happened".
But a spokesman for the QCA said: "QCA has found no evidence that the grading of GCSE language exams has become more severe in recent years.
The QCA said that the newspaper adverts cost about pounds 50,000.
Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly, demanded a crackdown on cheating and ordered the QCA to conduct an urgent review of coursework in every GCSE subject.
The QCA said confusion about the new exams meant fears ``were escalated unnecessarily'' but added ``any inaccuracy is unacceptable and the experience was traumatic for students''.
NSD initiative is a well thought out programme that has tremendously encouraged sports development in the country," General Secretary of QCA Mohamed Ahmed al Medhaiki said.