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QR code:

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computer coding system that uses a printed pattern of lines and bars to identify such things as products, mail and packages, and customer accounts; the term also is used for similar coding systems that do not use bar-based patterns.
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QR code

(Quick Response code) A two-dimensional barcode widely used for many purposes. When scanned with a mobile tagging app in a smartphone, it can cause a Web page to download with information about a product, local event or just about anything. QR codes can make mobile payments (see CurrentC), and they can download apps or capture business card data. Codes are found in newspapers, magazines, brochures and store shelves, and billboard-size codes can be scanned at a distance, because the QR app uses the phone's camera.

4K of Alphabetic Data
The QR code can store up to 4,296 alphanumeric or 7,089 numeric characters, and if a high level of error correction is used, up to 30% of the image can be smudged and still be recognized. Created in the mid-1990s by a Toyota subsidiary to track parts on assembly lines, they are widely used in Japan. The technology became an ISO standard in 2000 and gained popularity in the U.S. within the decade.

Google Was a Big Promoter
To promote its local business service, Google sent 100,000 custom-coded QR codes to U.S. establishments in 2009, suggesting they place the code in a prominent location for "mobile tagging." See QR code stickers, barcode and Google Goggles.

Roll Your Own
To create your own QR code, visit the Kaywa QR code generator at http://qrcode.kaywa.com.

QR Code for ComputerLanguage.com URL
The scanner looks for four squares (arrows) and two alignment lines (yellow) that alternate black and white.

QR Code for ComputerLanguage.com URL
The scanner looks for four squares (arrows) and two alignment lines (yellow) that alternate black and white.

Walking Down the Street
Scanning the QR code on the window sign with a mobile tagging app downloaded information and reviews about this restaurant.

Where's the Bus?
Clicking the QR code at a New York City bus stop retrieves the arrival time of the next bus.

QR Codes Can Be Colorful
These two codes downloaded Web pages. The top one linked to an Escort mobile app, and the bottom one was a news release from Personal Communications Devices (PCD).
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Due to the fact that a QR reader and barcode source library can decode the related format from a QR barcode, the parameters, [b.
For the market, Mohawk showed several rugs with Quick Response codes--which are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by QR barcode readers and camera phones to provide additional information to consumers--on the packaging.
New Drug Accountability System for Drug Inventory and Randomization, Complete with QR Barcode Functionality
While the e-gate requires an e-gate card, the smart gate, designed by Emaratech, can identify a traveller by either their passport, Emirates ID, e-gate card or QR barcode generated via the GDRFA smartphone app.
The QR barcode from a ScriptPro system is printed directly on the prescription label rather than the prescription paperwork, in case the patient misplaces or throws away the paperwork received when the prescription is dispensed.
There are some important enhancements part of this release, such as Improved algorithm to read barcodes even if the image is not rotated, Improved algorithm to Read the barcodes from a PNG image having 100 multiple barcodes in it, improved detection of the barcodes with default settings, support recognition of invasion in the quiet zone for a data matrix, improved 3D-distorted Aztec code recognition, improved recognition of the Aztec code, recognize poor quality code128 with histogram method, improved DotCode regions recognition and read the corrupted QR barcode.
Smart gates are available at Terminal 3 arrivals, which allows registered travellers to clear the immigration process in only 10 to 15 seconds by using either a passport, Emirates ID, Smart Gate card or even a QR barcode via the GDRFA DUBAI smartphone app.
The app also utilizes VIN and QR barcode scanners to quickly decipher vehicle information.
Moving forward the QR Barcode will be visible on all CureDuchenne marketing materials as a call to action.
Azalea Software publishes mobile web tools including HTML5 mobile web templates; QRdvark, an Android QR barcode app, RSSmachine, an RSS publishing tool, and a wide selection of barcode tools including barcode fonts.
com)-- Dealer Uplink LLC, a Springfield, Missouri-based company that specializes in dynamic QR Barcode services and mobile marketing solutions for Auto Dealers has just completed a $1 million capitalization by its members.