Al Qamishli

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Qamishli, Al


a city in northern Syria, near the border with Turkey. Population, 31, 100 (1967). It is a terminus of the Latakia-Aleppo-Al-Qamishli railroad line, which was under construction in 1972 with the assistance of the USSR. It is the center of an agricultural and petroleum-extraction region. The city has a steam power plant.

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GLOBE PHOTO By: Ashti Garmiyani Kurds in Western Kurdistan own ancient culture and history, and have many well-known personalities especially in Cizere and Qamishlo.
He also recalled that Assad had sent a plane to the Qamishlo airport to bring the Kurdish leadership to Damascus about a year-and-a-half ago; one year ago, he invited Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani to Damascus.
Bashar's bloody handling of the Kurdish demonstrations in 2005 in Qamishlo, Haseki and other locations have also not been forgotten.
They were taking part in a commemoration of the massacre of 40 Kurds by Syrian forces in Qamishlo in 2004.