Al Qamishli

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Qamishli, Al


a city in northern Syria, near the border with Turkey. Population, 31, 100 (1967). It is a terminus of the Latakia-Aleppo-Al-Qamishli railroad line, which was under construction in 1972 with the assistance of the USSR. It is the center of an agricultural and petroleum-extraction region. The city has a steam power plant.

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It means that a Kurdish Muslim from Al Qamishly can become president, but a Damascus or Aleppo Christian cannot.
Currently, UNICEF was working to assist 400,000 internally displaced children across Syria but, due to the funding shortage, only 217,000 winter kits had been purchased for distribution in the four priority areas of Homs, Tartous, Aleppo, and Qamishly.
He said the opening of the border at Qamishly is welcome, but "this only addresses a fraction of the needs," adding that it is only one of eight border crossings that the UN has identified as a priority.
But air raids and a suicide bombing drove the family from Qamishly in northern Syria.
Protests broke out after Friday prayers in cities across Syria, from Banias on the Mediterranean coast to Qamishly in the Kurdish east.
Salem Al Muslet, 58, is a native of Al Qamishly in the Syrian northeast, chief of the powerful Jabour tribe that bestrides Syria and Iraq.
By 2011 they stood at just 200 (150 in Damascus, 50 in Aleppo, and 20 in Al Qamishly in north-eastern Syria) and are now estimated to be fewer than 100.
We would love to see such a base near us," said Komai, a resident of Qamishly speaking to Gulf News.
Most of these people are families, women, children and elderly people, mainly from Aleppo, Efrin, Hassake and Qamishly.