lake, Egypt: see MoerisMoeris
, ancient name of Lake Karun (Arab. Birket Qarun), c.90 sq mi (230 sq km), NE Egypt, in El Faiyum. The size of the lake is much reduced from that described by ancient travelers, such as Herodotus.
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The former began with Siamak Yasami's Qarun's Treasure (Ganj-e Qarun, 1965), "in which two male buddies avidly devour lamb-and-potato stew, abgusht, the traditional lower-class meal, while singing a happy, humorous, and danceable tune" (197).
The official also said that, according to the government's growing interest in increasing investments, the ministers are reviving the northern part of Lake Qarun as a step to benefit the national income as well as local society.
Everyone has to make a decision: You will either live like Qarun (who lived at the time of Moses and is known for his wealth and arrogance) or follow in the footsteps of Abu Dhar and the Prophet Muhammad.
Ramadan, Abu-Zied Ostracods and the Holocene palaeolimnology of Lake Qarun, with special reference to past human-environment interactions in the Faiyum (Egypt)
Apache's commitment to Egypt began in 1994 with their first Qarun discovery well.
There is no mention, for example, in Naficy's discussion of Ganj-e Qarun (1965) that Siamak Yasemi's megahit broke the box office records of an Indian film: Sangam (Raj Kapoor, 1964).
Manama: A Saudi security officer has denied reports that a Yemeni worker has found treasure that belonged to Qarun (Korah) in Al Baha, a city in the south west of the kingdom.
Egypt's state-owned Egyptian General Petroleum Corp (EGPC) issued a tender to swap a 435,000-450,000 barrel cargo of its Qarun crude oil grade for a similar-sized cargo of Iraqi Basra Light for August delivery, a tender document showed.
A treasure trove of gold has been found in the southern Baha region by a Yemeni bulldozer driver and it is believed to be the leftovers of Qarun, a rich man who lived during the time of Prophet Moosa (Moses).
A descriptive definition of greed: he highlighted the story of Qarun (5) in the Qur'an as an example of greed personified.
Pesticide residue levels in fish from the Kiti River were lower than in fish from Lake Qarun in Egypt that contained [SIGMA]DDT concentrations of 2-68 ng/g fresh weight [4].
In areas where a Mediterranean winter rainfall regime continued, such as the Fayum depression of northern Egypt, cereal cultivation--most probably in the seasonally watered mouths of wadis, rather than on the shores of Nilefed Lake Qarun as previously thought (Phillipps et al.