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an area of science bringing together various methods for the quantitative evaluation of product quality. The primary objectives of qualimetry are substantiation of a nomenclature for quality indexes, development of methods for determination of indexes for product quality and optimization of such indexes, optimization of standardized sizes and of parametric series of products, development of derivation principles for generalized indexes of quality, and determination of usage conditions for such indexes in standardization tasks and quality control problems. Qualimetry uses such mathematical methods as linear, nonlinear, and dynamic programming; the theory of optimal control; and the theory of mass servicing.


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On the basis of qualimetry theory, a PEC increase method for an aeronautical system was developed.
Coverity Static Analysis enabled Schneider Electric to take control of the integrity of our software and, as a consequence, the quality and safety of our products," said Frank Klosek, Qualimetry and Senior Technical Manager of Schneider Electric's End User department.
Another issue of significance is the need and possibility to master, by measurement, also functional appropriateness or value of a magnitude of the entity properties, and this is referred to as the axiological measurement or axiometrics or qualimetry.

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