Queen Elizabeth Islands

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Queen Elizabeth Islands,

northern part of the Arctic Archipelago, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, N Canada. Ellesmere Island (the largest), the Parry group (Melville, Bathurst, Devon, Prince Patrick, and Cornwallis islands), and the Sverdrup group (Axel Heiberg, Ellef Ringnes, Amund Ringnes, and many smaller islands) are found there. The islands are underlain by oil-bearing rock; extensive drilling has been under way since the early 1960s. The British explorer Sir William ParryParry, Sir William Edward
, 1790–1855, British arctic explorer and rear admiral. He entered the navy at 13 and made his first voyage to the Arctic under Sir John Ross in 1818 in search of the Northwest Passage.
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 explored (1819–20) many of the islands, and they were known (until 1954) as the Parry Islands.

Queen Elizabeth Islands


a group of islands in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, located north of M’Clure Strait, Viscount Melville Sound, Barrow Strait, and Lancaster Sound. The most important islands are Ellesmere, Axel Heiberg, Devon, Cornwallis, Bathurst, Melville, Borden, Prince Patrick, Mackenzie King, Ellef Ringnes, and Amund Ringnes.

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