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Republic of Ireland: see CóbhCóbh
[Irish,=cove], town (1991 pop. 8,219), Co. Cork, S Republic of Ireland, on the south shore of Great Island in Cork Harbour. Originally called Cove of Cork, the town was renamed Queenstown when Queen Victoria visited in 1849. It was named Cóbh in 1922.
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a city in the Republic of South Africa, located in Cape Province. Population, 43,800 (1969). Queens-town is the center of a livestock-raising region; wool processing is a major industry. The city has a botanical garden. Queenstown was founded between 1850 and 1853.

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Some of Queenstown Lakes Districts water and wastewater services for the further development of Quail Rise will be incorporated with the design.
The wedding reception was at the Walter Peak High Country Farm near Queenstown.
He landed on the roof of Queenstown Primary School as workers were setting up stalls for a market.
We're excited to be bringing back our life-size gingerbread house this holiday season," said Queenstown Public House partner, Darren Roach.
Jesse Ryder 104 46 New Zealand v West Indies Queenstown Jan 01, 2014
The couple was charged both with assault, Queenstown police Sergeant Keith Newell told the (http://www.
The Whitewoods, originally from the UK, ended up in Queenstown after Mandy told Sally she wasn't ever living in England again.
THE White Star liner Megantic, which sailed from Liverpool on Saturday for Canada, with a large number of passengers, was in jeopardy yesterday morning about 60 miles south of Queenstown, where she encountered a German submarine.
Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia to add 40,000 Queenstown seats Alliance partners Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia will operate an additional 40,000 seats to and from Queenstown over the peak winter period of July to September this year.
Evans, minutes before the Air New Zealand flight took off for Queenstown.
A WORLD-class research and treatment centre that will specialise in using the body's own blood cells to heal sports injuries and arthritis is planned for Queenstown.