holm oak

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holm oak

an evergreen Mediterranean oak tree, Quercus ilex, widely planted for ornament: the leaves are holly-like when young but become smooth-edged with age

Holm Oak


(Quercus ilex), an evergreen tree of the family Fagaceae. It grows to 25 m and has a smooth bark. The leaves are elliptical, leathery, shiny, tomentose beneath, and entire or serrate. The acorns are 2 to 3.5 cm long.

The tree is native to the Mediterranean region, where it isfound both in mixed groves and separate stands. In the USSRit is cultivated in the southern Crimea and in the Caucasus alongthe Black Sea coast (south of Sochi), where it bears abundantfruit every year. The holm oak is ornamental and grows rapidly, attaining a height of 22– m in 40–45 years. It is droughtresistant, does not require good soil, and can withstand shorttemperature drops to as low as — 20°C. The wood is very hardand durable, with a density of 1.14 g per cu cm, and has a browncore. It is valuable for building underwater structures, and thewood of the roots is used in woodworking. The bark contains upto 7.25 percent of tannins. The holm oak is also suitable forlandscaping and forestation.


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