query by example

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query by example

[′kwir·ē bī ig′zam·pəl]
(computer science)
A software product used to search a data base for information having formats or ranges of values specified by English-like statements that indicate the desired results. Abbreviated QBE.

Query By Example

(database, language)
(QBE) A user-friendly query language developed by Mosh? Zloof of IBM in 1975.


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query by example

A method for describing a database query originally developed by IBM for mainframes. A replica of an empty record is displayed and the search conditions are typed in under their respective columns (fields). This visual approach has been adopted by nearly every modern query program. Although there are differences from one to another with regard to expressing complicated queries, everything is selected from a menu by the user. The program turns the visual query into the command language, such as SQL, necessary to interrogate the database.

Query By Example (QBE)
This query selects all Pennsylvania records that have a balance due of $5000 or more.
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This new release also has ease-of-use improvements, including a query-by-example tool.
From the Budget field list, drag the asterisk (*) to the Field line in the query-by-example (QBE) grid.
These systems use syntactic features as the basis for matching and employ either Query-by-Example or Query-through-dialog box to interface with the user.
The open database design also supports on-demand, query-by-example custom reports and exports to third-party tools using open database connectivity standards.
The bottom portion of the query-by-example (QBE) window identifies the fields to be displayed.
Advanced search capabilities include concept and keyword searching, pattern searching, and query-by-example.
Most applications built on relational databases incorporate a querying tool known as query-by-example (QBE), which uses a graphical approach to construct queries.
Using a whole story as query-by-example frees the user from constructing complicated Boolean queries to find all similar stories in a large audio archive.
Enhanced searching capabilities beyond traditional Boolean, including key word, concept, pattern matching, and query-by-example searching
Using Paradox's Query-by-Example, the system allows the user to enter an example of what he wants to see.
If the names of the fields used in your query are the same as the fields in the target table, the Append To line in the query-by-example (QBE) grid will show the field names.
We were therefore motivated to design and develop a prototype system, Web-SCSA (Web Search by CSA), that applied a CSA technique to retrieve information from the Web using an ostensive approach to querying similar to query-by-example.