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kiblah, keblah, qibla

In Islam, the required orientation of the prayer niche, toward Mecca.
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The newest Prime & Toast will be located in an existing restaurant location in Quibla and TKI will be re-designing the outlet to match the existing concept, said a senior official.
The new Prime & Toast in Quibla is expected to open in the second quarter of 2012.
Relleno y nivelacion del terreno en funcion del acusadisimo declive del mismo en direccion al rio Guadalquivir, construyendose el grueso muro en el extremo sur que ejerceria de cimentacion y contrafuerte de toda la ampliacion y de soporte de la zona de la quibla.
Construccion de los muros de la quibla desdoblada del oratorio.
The Sultan Group is expanding its unique brand offering by opening a new Prime & Toast restaurant in Quibla area as well as new Wasabi outlet on the Kuwaiti Corniche, the company said in a statement.
Palazzo Versace Gold Coast will strive to make GCC residents genuinely feel they have a home away from home by only serving Halal meat throughout all three hotel restaurants, indicating the direction of the Quibla in all rooms, providing prayer mats and Arabic newspapers on request, Arabic speaking staff and having Arabic channels on TV.
Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Hotel is popular among Middle Eastern travellers because all meat at the hotel is halal, from mid July to the end of August chefs prepare special Arabic dishes to add to the nightly buffet, each guest room in the hotel has a quibla, prayer mats and the Koran are available on request, plus the hotel fact sheet is available in Arabic.
Part of the The Epicure Group's expanding portfolio, Pintxos will be located in the Quibla area of Kuwait City and will target the city's young and trendy socialites.
For Muslim visitors hotels, apartments, restaurants and attractions offer an array of services such as prayer rooms, halal dining, quiblas and Qu'rans (check style) in rooms.