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With Over-the-Air Parameter Administration (OTAPA), operators can send mass updates to subscriber R-UIM cards or reprogram individual cards, supporting the introduction of new services.
In addition to OTASP and OTAPA support for R-UIM, the Interop CDMA OTA solution supports ESN, MEID, pESN, and EUMID equipment identification numbers.
Interop Technologies currently provides its CDMA OTA solution to PT Smartfren (formerly PT Smart Telecom), a leading cellular service provider in Indonesia that utilizes R-UIM and OMH SIM card technology.
With this move, TELUS Mobility joins the other 40 CDMA operators using R-UIM, including operators located in China, India, Japan and Brazil.
Gemplus is pleased to support TELUS Mobility as it develops R-UIM technology in Canada and thus the inherent smart card advantages of portability and security.
A R-UIM card can store hundreds of personal phone numbers, text messages and value-added services.
With R-UIM cards now available for the North American market, CDMA operators and MVNOs have a huge opportunity to increase both revenue and subscriber loyalty through a user experience that is better than ever before," added Beverly.
A live demonstration showing the use of GemXplore World R-UIM will be made at Gemplus' booth #421 at 2002 CDMA Americas Congress from December 3-5 in San Diego, CA.
China Unicom has already committed to including R-UIMs in its CDMA networks and is very pleased by the results of the test and the commitment of Gemplus and the handset manufacturers in ensuring the success of this project," said Wang Yingpei, Chairman and General Manager of Unicom Horizon.
The system solutions from QCT and SchlumbergerSema, designed to meet the market requirements in China and Korea allowed us to achieve significant time-to-market advantages to roll out a validated R-UIM solution.
The Samsung R-UIM-enabled phone, based on the company's SCH-A399(RFC) handset, used QCT's MSM3100(TM) IS-95A/B integrated circuit and system software with integrated R-UIM interface to operate with the SchlumbergerSema Simera Airflex R-UIM card.
Rolling out qualified R-UIM system solutions for Gemplus R-UIM smart cards on our MSM products will significantly accelerate the development of R-UIM-enabled handsets by manufacturers requiring flexibility in their smart card-based products," said Luis Pineda, vice president of product management for QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies.