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Our customers have made it very clear that they desire to support both Ethernet RDMA protocols, and we're pleased to be able to deliver that functionality to them," said Joe Steinmetz, CEO of Kazan Networks.
Chelsio's Terminator 5 ASIC offers a high performance, robust third generation implementation of RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) over 40G Ethernet, the Internet Wide Area RDMA Protocol -- iWARP.
Learn more about Mellanox's complete RDMA based Windows Server 2012 SMB Direct solution
We are pleased to be able to show the dramatic performance advantages of using iWARP RDMA with the leading accelerated computing platform from NVIDIA," said Jim Johnston, senior director of marketing for Chelsio.
Our iWARP RDMA solution is recognized as an easy to use, industry-leading connectivity fabric for RDMA using standard Ethernet.
The need for long-haul InfiniBand and Ethernet with RDMA connectivity continues to grow," said Gilad Shainer, vice president of market development at Mellanox Technologies.
The OFS user-based community drives the technical content of the workshop, and users discuss a broad range of topics, such as subnet management, debug and monitoring tools (including routing verification), RDMA over InfiniBand and Ethernet, and other topics vital to the OpenFabrics community.
a leading provider of Ethernet adapters for storage networking, virtualized enterprise data centers, cloud service installations, and cluster computing environments, today announced that it is demonstrating NVM Express (NVMe) over Fabrics using the Chelsio T5 40GbE iWARP RDMA adapters in Booth #710 at Flash Memory Summit this week in Santa Clara.
The platform supports both SQL Server 2012 and Hyper-V Server 2012 and utilizes RDMA offloading, using both SMB Direct and Live Migration over RDMA, which greatly accelerates data analysis.
The multi-day workshop includes sessions that will focus on the development and improvement of OpenFabrics Software (OFS) as well as keynote and panel discussions on major developments in RDMA.
iSER iSCSI, the Internet SCSI standard, is the leading Ethernet SAN protocol, with native initiator support integrated into all the major operating systems, and offers built-in RDMA for high performance offloaded implementations which, unlike the iSER (iSCSI over RDMA) protocol, does not break compatibility with the existing iSCSI ecosystem.
The solution consists of Mellanox s ConnectX-3 40GbE NICs with iSCSI over RDMA (iSER) and Micron s 1.