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(HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) A control function that lets one A/V component control another if they are connected via HDMI cables. For example, inserting a disc into the DVD player would turn on the TV automatically or the A/V receiver, if part of the system. Using proprietary brand names, HDMI CEC initially worked only when components were from the same vendor. Increasingly, HDMI CEC works across vendors' products. See HDMI.
HDMI CECBranding      Vendor

    Anynet        Samsung

    BRAVIA Sync   Sony

    KURO Link     Pioneer

    NetCommand    Mitsubishi

    REGZA-LINK    Toshiba

    RIHD (Remote
    over HDMI)    Onkyo

    SimpLink      LG
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This series also comes fully equipped with convenient connectivity benefits such as 4 HDMI Digital Inputs with InstaPort(TM) and REGZA-LINK, and a Hi-Res PC Input.
Using the REGZA-LINK function, the player can connect with a REGZA LCD TV via a HDMI cable and display full high-definition content with a single remote control.
Using the REGZA-LINK function, the new BDX2000 can connect with a REGZA LCD TV via a HDMI(TM) cable and display full high definition content with a single remote control.
Use of REGZA-LINK , a feature based on HDMI-CEC, requires an HDMI-CEC compatible display device.
In addition to picture quality enhancements, these new REGZA series also offer a comprehensive suite of next-generation connectivity features including a USB port, SD card Slot, 4 HDMI inputs with InstaPort and REGZA-LINK, IR Pass-Through Port, and high-resolution PC input.
This series includes three HDMI digital inputs with enhanced REGZA-LINK (HDMI-CEC) and a high-resolution PC input.