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Any broad, estuarine river mouth.
A long, narrow coastal inlet, except a fjord, whose depth and width gradually and uniformly diminish inland.


(1) (Rich Internet Application) An application that approaches the speed and elegance of a locally installed application. An RIA typically refers to an app that uses the Web browser to run embedded scripts within Web pages. However, it may also refer to a "rich client application" that interacts with the Internet in some manner but does not run from the browser (see rich client). See Silverlight, Flex and AJAX.

(2) (Regulatory Impact Analysis) See healthcare IT.
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The disclosures themselves should be customized to the metrics of the particular award, so that the RIA is fully disclosing all pertinent information regarding the award's qualifications, related circumstances and corresponding limitations (i.
Although this proposal can be described in just four steps (the public submits an RIA, the regulatory agency submits the public comment to the OMB, the OMB makes a determination, and the regulatory agency includes this determination in the rulemaking record), some points are important to stress:
2002) examine 381 bilateral FDI flows in 1995 to see if intra-RIA flows are greater for EU and NAFTA members; they do not find a significant impact of RIA membership.
It was not inexpensive or easy for RIA to obtain its payment institution license or to passport that license to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg and Cyprus.
By working solely under the broker-dealer's RIA, says Kusick, he can continue to offer fee-based services, but the compliance burden would be managed by the B-D.
Finally, our results are consistent with the poor correlation previously reported between RIA and CLIA (5) and demonstrate that in disagreement with recently published data (4), a 25-OHD value <50 nmol/L used to define vitamin D insufficiency with the DiaSorin RIA is not suitable for use with the LIAISON[R] assay (CLIA).
RIA estimates 162,000 robots are now installed in U.
Boyle explained that TEI's relationship with RIA benefits the organization in at least three ways.
Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported last week that President Vladimir Putin has announced that the government will provide monetary support for the development of hydrogen-based power production facilities and "hydrogen power units" for vehicles.
During the past decade, many CPA firms have created fee-only registered investment adviser (RIA) affiliates in their firms or outsourced the function to RIA specialists, building the assets under their management by cultivating investment philosophies that appeal to high-net-worth clients.
This represents a 20% rise in units over 2003 and the industry's second-best unit total ever, the RIA says.