RNAV approach

RNAV approach (area navigation approach)

An instrument approach procedure that relies on aircraft area navigation equipment for navigation guidance. For example, for a particular airport, a VORTAC (very high frequency omnidirectional radio-range and tactical air navigation) station may not be located to provide a good fix for a straight-in instrument low approach; it may be too near the runway, too far away, or not aligned with the extended center line of the runway. The area navigation system of an aircraft so equipped can, in effect, place a VORTAC station anywhere desired, as long as the line-of-sight “visibility” of the actual station can be maintained. For this purpose, the system selects a waypoint to serve as the station for the desired instrument approach. The waypoint is set into the aircraft's navigation equipment, and the approach is flown in the same manner as a VOR/DME (very high frequency omnidirectional radio-range/distance-measuring equipment) approach, using the published RNAV (area navigation) approach plate.
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If you want to circle to land on Runway 17 at Asheville, both procedures offer the same minima: 2800 feet msl is your Category A MDA, presuming you can identify OBOVE when using the localizer-only procedure, and the same MDA is available when using the RNAV approach.
B) I cleared him for the RNAV approach via that T-fix, expecting him to join the approach and track it inbound.
Arriving aircraft have to line up with runway headings whether or not they use RNAV, so flight paths will not change under an RNAV approach process.
This time, however, I had loaded the runway's RNAV approach into my GPS navigator and had much better situational awareness.
Flying back one night doing a practice RNAV approach, my buddy/safety pilot and I heard the following on the radio:
The GDC-31 takes full advantage of the 430W approach functionality and will steer the airplane around a procedure turn or RNAV approach with aplomb.
New features will include an option for a second flight management system, a video interface for displaying enhanced vision systems on the multifunction displays, en route vertical navigation coupling in addition to the currently enabled RNAV approach glidepath coupling, a vertical situation display and RNP 1.
Also, vectors to final for an RNAV approach gets the added distance, in part to allow the GPS time to verify it's captured the approach properly and increase sensitivity.
At 1006:16, the pilot reported losing visual contact with the airport and requested an RNAV approach.
There can be other reasons for the prohibition, but this common reason is further suggested by the absence of the restriction on the RNAV approach.
The #2 GPS lost signal during an RNAV approach, generating a warning on the Garmin G1000.
And it's hard to convince a GPS receiver you're shooting an RNAV approach to, say, Tokyo's Narita International Airport from over lower Alabama.