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These include either the RS6000 SNI:P running the AIX operating system, or the NUMA-Q 'quad'-based processing platform, running Dynix/ptx.
In fact, the Compaq ProLiant 8500 cluster demonstarted nearly twice the performance of the top competitors including SUN Enterprise 6500 and IBM RS6000.
Unlike Focus 2000, its host software runs on a PC/UNIX platform that costs less than the previous IBM RS6000 computer.
He scrapped the mainframe in favor of an RS6000 Unix box with an open systems environment for a total cost of $150,000.
Sales of the AS/400 line of minicomputers were also strong, but the RS6000 computers saw a decline in sales as customers awaited a new set of products introduced earlier this month, Thoman said.
Many of them required specialized systems like the IBM RS6000 workstations, which added to the enormous cost of the software.
This family includes i5, iSeries, AS/400, p5, pSeries, RS6000, OpenPower, IntelliStation and TotalStorage servers.
Cook Children's will be implementing an RS6000 based system in a wide area network with plans to tie in all clinics through advanced communication techniques making the entire range of software available at all remote offices.
The "brain" of Winn's CIM network is an IBM RS6000 RISC-type workstation, running Focus 2000 software.
TERiX Computer Service announces the addition of enhanced IBM (NYSE:IBM) RS6000 and AIX support capabilities to its offerings.
Software offers IBM solutions including products for mainframes and the RS6000," continued Fisher.