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What this development meant for the RSN was a need for force-projection assets to sustain its coverage of the SOMS and the South China Sea at least, and with surplus capacity to allow for international security operations in distant, extraregional waters, such as the Gulf of Aden.
php)) But, while each team will eventually "cash in", the value of an RSN, or a rights fee, is not based on viewers or ratings but on the number of subscribers.
Councillor Roger Begy, chairman of the RSN and leader of Rutland County Council said: "For too long, metropolitan policymakers have failed to understand that the needs of the countryside are often very different to those of the city.
While the Indian Navy has consolidated and significantly improved its blue-water capability over the years, the growth of the RSN and the acceleration of both, capacity and capability, has been truly breathtaking in its speed and comprehensiveness.
The consultation paper can be downloaded from the RSN website at www.
RSN currently provides its subscribers with over 1,000 hours of programming each year.
Since 1994, RSN has provided programs and services that help renal patients find resources and information; establish social networks; learn more about the management of their disease; and become more actively involved in their own care.
RSN provides educational materials and peer support.
Commenting on the RSN's participation in the exercise, Fleet Commander Rear-Admiral Timothy Lo said, "During Exercise RIMPAC, RSN successfully fired an Aster Surface-to-Air Missile and is also leading a task unit comprising of ships from the Chilean, Norwegian and United States navies.
As cable operators see sports programming as the key to preventing "cord cutting" (Comcast & TWC are the Mets' partners in SNY), a team owned RSN provides lucrative, locked-in/long-term guaranteed revenue.
The Phase 2B contract option is worth approximately $11M and was awarded after the successful completion of Phase 2A of the RSN program.
The webinar, hosted by Source Intelligence (SI) in partnership with RSN, will feature Patricia Jurewicz, director of RSN, and Andrew Arriaga, lead report author, discussing details of research released that day.