Radar Beacon

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radar beacon

[′rā‚där ‚bē·kən]
A radar receiver-transmitter that transmits a strong coded radar signal whenever its radar receiver is triggered by an interrogating radar on an aircraft or ship; the coded beacon reply can be used by the navigator to determine his own position in terms of bearing and range from the beacon. Also known as racon; radar transponder.

Radar Beacon


a transponder used as an aid to navigation that works in conjunction with the radar sets on aircraft and ships. Activated by the signals sent out from a radar set on board a ship or plane, the beacon responds with coded signals, which enable the radar set to determine the beacon’s direction and distance. Radar beacons are used in radio navigation to determine the position of an object with respect to the known position of the beacon and to provide for an accurate approach by these objects to the beacon’s site.

radar beacon system

radar beacon systemclick for a larger image
A radar system in which the object to be detected is fitted with cooperative equipment in the form of a radio transponder (receiver/transmitter). Radio pulses are transmitted from the searching interrogator (transmitter/receiver) site, received in the cooperative equipment, and used to trigger a distinctive transmission from the transponder. This latter transmission rather than a reflected signal is received full strength back at the interrogator site. Also called a radar beacon transponder or a radar beacon.
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23) But most military radios of the time, including the clandestine "suitcase" radios carried by agents, would accept numerous removable "crystals," or frequencies, that offered many more frequency choices--the Eureka radar beacon did not.
My job was to help the air crews put these people down in the right place by locating radar beacons on the ground.
EARLY-WARNING radar beacons for motorways could prevent motorway pile-ups in fog or rain, researchers claim.
Using flares and radar beacons, this first wave of men marked landing fields, paving the way for other airborne troops to control strategic bridges and road junctions.
They also inspect and maintain automatic navigational aids, radar beacons and light buoys.
Blind spot alert - twin radar beacons that detect an object in a vehicle's blind zone and provide a visual warning in the outside side mirror.
radar beacons, radar target enhancers, GPS reference stations, and remote
Prowlers electronically jam enemy radar and communication systems or destroy them using high speed antiradiation missiles (HARM) that home in on radar beacons.

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