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DEVENS -- The radio airwaves in Central Massachusetts came alive as thousands of messages were sent out by amateur radio operators, and thousands more were received from around the world during the weeklong World Radiosport Team Championship 2014 that concludes competition today.
The championship is held every four years, with Massachusetts picked this year to host 59 teams from 32 countries competing in what is known as the Olympics of radiosport competition.
Pat O'Donovan, a former R TE Radio executive and co-owner of greyhounds s uch as Heart Rumble, Unique Reward and RadioSport,said:"Theideawas mootedoverafewdrinks-afair few
He's got a tremendous amount of talent and everyone wants him back on the park," he told RadioSport.
I have a good five or six years left in the game and I really believe I have got something really special to offer New Zealand," McCullum told RadioSport today.
Speaking to RadioSport from Johannesburg, Vaughan said he was pleased to get the agreement and that it made sense.