Radu Beligan

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Radu Beligan
BirthplaceGălbeni, Bacău County, Romania

Beligan, Radu


Born Dec. 14, 1918. Rumanian actor; People’s Artist of the Rumanian Socialist Republic (1962).

Beligan studied at the Bucharest Conservatory. In 1938 he was an actor at the Workers’ Theater, and later at the National Theater in Bucharest. Since 1939 he has combined work in the theater with work in films. In the 1940’s and 1950’s he played roles in the comedies of I. L. Caragiale, including Venturiano (in Stormy Night) and Dandanake (The Lost Letter). He also played Tuzenbakh (in Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, 1950, State Prize of Rumania), Kavafa (in The Rabid Lamb by Barangi), and other roles. He has acted in the films The Valley Is Ringing (1949) and Swindle Protar (1956). Beligan also works as a director. He has popularized K. S. Stanislavsky’s method in the Rumanian theater. Beligan teaches at the Institute of Theater and Film in Bucharest.

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