Rail Fastening

Rail Fastening


a metal element of a railroad track; a joint rail fastening joins rail ends and an interjacent rail fastening joins a rail to a railroad sleeper.

Joint rail fastenings include fish plates and bolts with washers. Interjacent rail fastenings include one-piece, compound, and combination rail fastenings. One-piece rail fastenings attach a rail and the chair. Together, they are secured to the sleeper with spikes or wood screws. Compound rail fastenings attach a rail to a chair usually with clips and bolts and the chair to a sleeper with bolts or wood screws. Combination rail fastenings include elements of both one-piece and compound fastenings.

The selection of a rail fastening depends on the rail type, the freight-traffic density of the line, and the operating conditions. Rail fastenings are standardized in the USSR.


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approx 880 m track rod track 60R2 / 60R1, gauge of 1 100 mm including supply rail fastening and pre-assemble.
Rail Minister Claire Perry was on hand to turn the last Pandrol Clip, a type of rail fastening, which is used to connect rails to railway sleepers.
It also found there was no regular programme to remove corrosion from the track and an inadequate rail fastening system.
Ralph McKay is part of the McKay-Empire-Wiese Group of companies, one of the largest manufacturers of tillage tools, rotary tiller tines, and rail fastening equipment in the world.
The spring constant of resilient tie (real size) was measured on ballast and the value was 20-30 MN/m for each rail fastening.
In addition, Amsted Rail Company provides rail fastening solutions and asset monitoring (GPS & Condition Based Monitoring) solutions for transit and heavy haul rail.
This simple, effective rail fastening is suitable for all applications on
Metinvest's products have the following advantage: its boltholes for rail fastening are manufactured directly at the mill.
In the interim AirBoss expects to sell increased quantities of other rail fastening products.
Invitation to tender: Manufacture and supply of cast iron parts (GGG40) for the rail fastening according to our plans for the year 2015 (Q4) until 2018 with an option to extend for the years 2019 and 2020
The RailWorks Manufacturing and Supply Group consists of six companies involved in the manufacture and provision of rail-related products and equipment including treated wooden cross ties, concrete bridge members, rail fastening systems, on-track construction equipment and other related materials.
AirBoss is a manufacturer of custom rubber compounds and proprietary rubber moulded products including patented off-road tire and rail fastening products.