Railroad Bridge

Railroad Bridge


a structure that carries a railroad line across some obstacle (such as a watercourse or ravine). Rail-road bridges are subjected to intensive dynamic effects: great demands are made on their strength, durability, and stability in order to ensure safe and uninterrupted railroad traffic and provide for long-range increases in railroad traffic. Continuous truss bridges are usually used to cross the navigable channels of large rivers. For nonnavigable streams and small rivers, steel beams or spanning beams made of prestressed reinforced concrete are used.

Steel spans made up of welded elements and sections held together by highly resistant friction bolts are widespread in modern railroad bridges, as are continuous steel beams that function as a unit with the reinforced-concrete slab underlying the roadbed. Arch-type reinforced-concrete railroad bridges are less common. Wooden railroad bridges, which are less durable, may be used only on railroads of the third category.


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References in classic literature ?
A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama, looking down into the swift water twenty feet below.
They came to a narrow railroad bridge and presently to a mono-rail train standing in the track on its safety feet.
PALMDALE - Unexpected delays in building a railroad bridge have pushed the completion of Palmdale's $23 million widening of Avenue S into September or October.
2-mile reconstruction project for Route 21 that includes roadway widening and realignment, two roll-in railroad bridge replacements, utilities, traffic analysis, traffic signals, grading, resurfacing, striping, signage, and traffic maintenance.
In 1898, two maneless lions were responsible for the death of 135 workers who were building a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya.
Villagers of Plaus found the ring where the B-24 bomber crashed on April 8, 1945, during a bombing run targeting a railroad bridge in the town of Vipiteno.
Together with about 20 former British and Australian POWs and Japanese military members, Nagase crossed over the ''death'' railroad bridge on River Kwai in Thailand.
You'll ride by railroad relics that were vital to early Great Falls: a 16-span former railroad bridge, the 1913 Milwaukee Station tower, and a Great Northern caboose.
But to get back, it would be better to come out at the bombed-out railroad bridge in the southwest part of the city in the U.
I would not have been able to explain the theological meaning of religious pluralism, but could easily understand why members of the French resistance did not submit comrades to denominational tests before setting out to destroy a railroad bridge over which the Germans were bringing supplies.
Maybe he was responding to sentences such as "Sharp protein odor of semen fills the air" and to this paragraph: "Two boys jacking off under railroad bridge.
The heavily used bridge carries traffic for three railroads -- CSX (the bridge owner), AMTRAK, and the Virginia Railway Express -- and is the sole railroad bridge between the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia.