Railroad Crossing

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Railroad Crossing


an installation at points where a railroad track crosses a highway at grade. In accordance with the general requirement that all types of railroad crossings ensure safety in railroad traffic, railroad crossings at grade are built in places where there is good visibility and usually at right angles but never less than 60° to the axis of the railroad track. The minimum width of a crossing is 4.5 m, but it must not be narrower than the width of the highway crossed.

Depending on traffic density and on the type of highway involved, railroad crossings may be classified into four categories, with each category having a particular design, signaling, gates, and lighting. Depending on traffic density, visibility and the use of automatic devices, railroad crossings may be guarded or unguarded. An apron is laid at the crossings, and its approaches are guarded by posts or railings and by warning signs. In order that the rail circuits not be activated when motor vehicles are crossing, the apron between the rails is made 30 to 40 mm higher than the tops of the rails. On electrified lines, special clearance gauges are installed on both sides of the track to limit the height of freight being hauled (not over 4.5 m).


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Dave Thomas, with Eagle 1 Resources, is working with a group of utilities to form a project group for the expressed purpose of developing a plan to address railroad crossing fees/railroad lease agreements on a national level.
Police and sheriff's departments from across Louisiana are scheduled to participate in operations that have local police officers riding on Union Pacific locomotives to observe motorist behavior at railroad crossings.
County Engineer Randy Cole said the modifications are not major upgrades, but include signs and striping and other indicators that the area is a railroad crossing.
Larry Record has lived right next to the railroad crossing for more than 30 years and is skeptical about whether motorists will heed the signals.
Eagle 1 Resources presently has over twenty (20) years of research to authenticate any railroad land ownership issues and assist with the removal of annual railroad crossing rental fees and/or railroad crossing permit fees.
Last year, KBR and its alliance partners successfully delivered the first four railroad crossing removals as part of this government initiative.
Sonia said the work to install overhead caterlevered cat walk (which is an "arm" that blocks the intersection) and a new signal at the Route 117 railroad crossing was scheduled to begin Thursday and continue for two to four weeks.
The elevated tracks will allow for the free passage of cars on Maryland Route 450 in Cheverly, so they will no longer have to stop at the grade railroad crossing in its current configuration.
Tenders are invited for Railroad Crossing Improvements
A new traffic signal, no-turn signs, a raised median, railroad crossing gates, and another right-turn lane are among the plans to be made at Buena Vista Street and San Fernando Boulevard, and at Buena Vista and Vanowen streets.
GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas -- To help keep motorists and train crew members safe at railroad crossings, the City of Grand Prairie and Union Pacific Railroad introduced today the first railroad crossing photo enforcement system in Texas at a crossing in Grand Prairie.
FAA Administrator Sarah Feinberg, added, "The important thing to understand about railroad crossing accidents is that every single one is preventable.