Railroad Junction

Railroad Junction


a point at the intersection of several railroad lines, constituting a complex array of various engineering installations and devices.

The main installations of a railroad junction include sorting tracks, freight and passenger stations and other facilities for passengers, railroad lines linking the different stations, bypass lines, depots, service stations for maintaining and fitting out railroad cars, and facilities for train crews. Modern railroad junctions have railroad automation and remote control equipment, as well as electronic computers to automate basic technological processes. Railroad junctions are classified according to the work they perform and according to operating conditions as transit junctions, transit junctions with a high volume of transfer operations, and terminal junctions. In addition, there are industrial railroad junctions that serve large industrial enterprises or zones, and port railroad junctions near seaports or large river ports. Railroad junctions are built with one station or several technically interconnected stations. Stations can be planned in the form of an X or of a triangle or in parallel, sequential, radial, or ring fashion, or even a combination of these, as well as dead end. Five to ten lines intersect at major junctions. There were more than 500 railroad junctions in the USSR in 1970.


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The capture of Debaltseve, a key railroad junction that straddles the route between the separatists' two main cities, Donetsk and Luhansk, was a significant military victory for the rebels.
Ukrainian officials say rebels are continuing their onslaught on the railroad junction of Debaltseve, the epicenter of fighting between the separatist and government troops in eastern Ukraine.
Iowa County officials have now started the work to upgrade the railroad junction with signal lights and gates.
Over the years, it has served as the site of Michigan's first capital, an Underground Railroad junction, a transit hub, a symbol of the city's decline, and a key part of its revitalization in a new millennium.
The Union objective leading up to Shiloh was the destruction of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad junction at Corinth, Mississippi.
Situated in the very north of Texas, the 118-year-old city began life as a railroad junction serving the old west.
The consensus projects, which would also use matching funds from state and local sources, range from completing car-pool lanes in the San Fernando Valley to unsnarling a key railroad junction in Colton and replacing the Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach, a rapidly deteriorating span that carries 12 percent of the nation's world trade to and from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.
Cluett, a drummer of the 57th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, part of the garrison of Corinth, a strategic railroad junction and the main Federal stronghold in northeastern Mississippi:
THE BLOSSOMING of the maquila industry in the middle of the Arizona-Sonora desert -- a region that had previously supported only saguaro cactus, a customs house and a railroad junction -- is the focus of Kathryn Kopinak's study of a new form of industrial capitalism.
Because of the railroad junction and the city's central valley location, industry came early to this part of the valley.
The town is a strategic railroad junction that lies on the most direct route between the separatist east's two major cities, Donetsk and Luhansk.