Rainy Lake

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Rainy Lake,

c.345 sq mi (890 sq km), on the U.S.-Canada border in N Minn. and W Ont. The lake, irregular in shape and dotted with islands, is located in rough woodlands. Its outlet, Rainy River (c.85 mi/140 km long), flows westerly along the international border to Lake of the Woods, passing International Falls (site of a power plant) and Baudette, Minn.
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It took over a year of discussions before Aboriginal peoples covered by Treaty 3 were in a position to nominate an individual to serve in the Canadian public position on the former International Rainy Lake Control Board.
Gold often forms in and around volcanic rocks, which is the case in the Rainy Lake region.
Hunting pressured birds adds another aspect to hunting," says Charles Beery, "Head Coot" of the North Rainy Lake Coot Merganser Association hunt club on the Minnesota/Ontario border.
Complimentary beverages were flowing and the leisurely guided cruise along the shores of Rainy Lake provided some wildlife viewing highlights, including a swimming deer (right on schedule), nesting bald eagles, and many other waterbirds.
In 1912, a young American graduate of Harvard, Ernest Oberholtzer, along with an Anishinaabe man from the Rainy Lake District of Ontario, named Taytahpahswaywe-tong, but called Billy Magee, made an extraordinary 2000-mile canoe journey beginning at The Pas, Manitoba.
Contact: Guide Barry "Woody" Woods, at Woody's Rainy Lake Resort, 866/410-5001, fairlyreliable.
The 7-mile Maple Pass Loop to Lake Ann and Rainy Lake is unbelievably beautiful in fall, when the lakes reflect the surrounding golden leaves.
Beaches at BOURNEMOUTH, LOWESTOFT and dozens of other coastal towns reported booming business and even the often rainy LAKE DISTRICT was struggling to cope with the numbers wanting to book cruise boats.
George Simard, executive director of Weechi-it-te-win Family Services in Ontario's Rainy Lake Region, spoke to the assembly about the spirit of customary care.
The Rainy River First Nations has 737 registered members with 253 living on the reserve located between Rainy Lake and the Lake of the Woods.
Once the open water freezes, snow-lovers look forward to traveling the Rainy Lake Ice Road, a seven-mile thoroughfare across the frigid surface of Rainy lake.