Rakic, Milan

Rakić, Milan


Born Sept. 18, 1876, in Belgrade; died June 30, 1938, in Srebrnjak, near Zagreb. Serbian poet. Academician of the Serbian Academy of Sciences (1934).

Rakić studied law in Belgrade and Paris (1898–1901). His first works appeared in 1902 and collections of his poetry were published in 1903, 1912, 1924, and 1936. Influenced by French symbolism, Rakić’s poetry conveys a sense of hostility of the world toward man, skepticism, and tragic and bitter love for the homeland (the cycle of poems dedicated to Kosovo Polje, 1905–11). The force of life and an attraction to earthly beauty characterize his poems about love and nature.


Pesme. Belgrade, 1904.
Novepesme. Belgrade, 1912.
Pesme. Zagreb, 1924.
Pesme. Belgrade, 1936.
Pesme. Novi Sad, 1961.


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