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Abernathy, Ralph David

(ăb`ərnăth'ē), 1926–90, American civil-rights leader, b. Linden, Ala. A Baptist minister, he helped Martin Luther KingKing, Martin Luther, Jr.,
1929–68, American clergyman and civil-rights leader, b. Atlanta, Ga., grad. Morehouse College (B.A., 1948), Crozer Theological Seminary (B.D., 1951), Boston Univ. (Ph.D., 1955).
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, Jr., organize the Montgomery bus boycott (1955). He was treasurer, vice president, and, after King's assassination (1968), president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). An advocate of nonviolence as a means to social change, he led the Poor People's Campaign on Washington, D.C., after King's death. He resigned from the SCLC in 1977.
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confidant, Ralph Abernathy, Neymotin returned to the former USSR upon the Ukrainian government's invitation to consult on how it could better protect the civil liberties of the Ukrainian people.
She told me she had been the messenger between leading civil rights activist Rev Ralph Abernathy and young Martin, as she called Dr King.
Ralph Abernathy, King's confidant and comrade in the film, which chronicles the 1965 voting rights campaign led by King and other leaders.
Ralph Abernathy, who succeeded King as President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), sought to carry on his friend's "last great dream" by organizing an encampment on the National Mall to house protesters and to draw media attention to the poor.
The ad signed by SCLC officers Reverends Ralph Abernathy, Joseph Lowery, Fred Shuttlesworth, and Solomon Seay, followed by a flood of appeal letters resulted in a number of legal and financial reverberations until 1964.
Ralph Abernathy once preached a sermon to Hoover by means of an electronic listening device--in common parlance, a "bug"--planted in the preacher's pulpit.
From Ralph Abernathy through the women's liberation movement, the encyclopedia covers key political leaders, rebels, and martyrs, as well as events, organizations, scandals, movements, and flashpoints of the Kennedy era, illustrated with b&w historical photos on most pages.
Legaux finished with 227 passing yards, but was an inaccurate 15-for-36, and the Cincinnati rushing duo of Ralph Abernathy and George Winn accounted for 184 of the Bearcats' 251 rushing yards.
A person whose house had been bombed, who had been beaten severely, and jailed dozens of times, who Bull Connor wished had been "carried away in a hearse," one of the leading lights of the Birmingham freedom struggle, and who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, along with MLK Jr and Ralph Abernathy, succumbed to health issues.
In the early evening hours of April 4th, King was shot at the Lorraine Motel as he was leaving his room, accompanied by the Reverend Ralph Abernathy and Jesse Jackson.
I thought of civil rights heroes like John Lewis, Robert James, James Forman, Stokley Carmichael, James Farmer, James Bevel, Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy and many more who were subjected to unbearable psychological pressure and physical violence in their journey to demand African-American civil rights.
It was up to members of King's entourage -- among them Young, Jesse Jackson and Ralph Abernathy -- to carry on King's legacy against the changing political climate in the United States: a drift to the right that would elect conservative Republican presidents for 20 of the following 24 years and legal challenges to affirmative action and other civil-rights programs.