Rand Corporation

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Rand Corporation,

research institution in Santa Monica, Calif.; founded 1948 and supported by federal, state, and local governments, as well as by foundations and corporations. Its principal fields of research are national security and public welfare. Research in national security affairs includes studies in planning, procurement, support and operations of military forces, studies of strategic and tactical forces, command and control, logistics management, and the relation between political and military strategy. Research in domestic problems includes studies in health care, education, transportation, communication, racial discrimination, poverty, housing, and environmental pollution.


See B. L. Smith, Rand Corporation (1966).

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The delegates from the RAND Corporation mentioned that the meeting greatly helped them see the significance of the ROK-US alliance and understand the ROK governments position, adding that the RAND Corporation will strongly support the efforts to beef up the ROK-US alliance.
United States], June 24 ( ANI ): Laurel Miller, United States acting Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, has resigned to return to a position at the Rand Corporation.
The new study was sponsored by CalMHSA and conducted independently by the RAND Corporation.
Smith, RAND Corporation, "House Price Volatility and the Housing Ladder" (NBER Working Paper No.
And now, RAND Corporation says that even a nuclear-armed Iran will not pose a fundamental threat to the US and its regional allies, including Israel and the Persian Gulf Arab monarchies.
The report, commissioned by the Army and based on a study by the Rand Corporation, faults most of the major players and agencies involved in the invasion and its aftermath.
Women with heart disease and diabetes are less likely to receive several types of routine outpatient care than are men who have similar health problems, according to a Rand Corporation study published in the May/June edition of the journal Women's Health Issues.
Prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, this report reviews several theories studied at the RAND Corporation for preventing and fighting insurgencies, and applies them to the current situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, generally recommending an amnesty and reward program and better border security system.
It was left to the RAND Corporation, working with Air Force contracts, to reinterpret games for the nuclear age, to connect gamesmanship to brinkmanship, board games to motherboards.
She traced the daycare agenda as emanating from the corporate right, including from such institutions as the World Bank and the Rand Corporation.
An NFIP study conducted by the Rand Corporation notes that only 1% of homeowners living outside high-risk flood hazard areas, and only 49% of all United States single-family homes in these hazard areas, purchase flood insurance.
The Marine Corps exploration of OMB-style strategic sourcing began in Spring 2004, following attendance by Dave Clifton (director, Marine Corps Business Enterprise Office (HQMC/LR)) at a RAND Corporation briefing on the topic.