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the standard monetary unit of the Republic of South Africa, divided into 100 cents


a. a strip or margin; border
b. a strip of cloth; selvage


the. short for Witwatersrand

rand (Brit.)

A border, or a fillet cut from a border in the process of straightening it.
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In the title essay of her 1961 book For the New Intellectual, for example, Rand refers to "the Witch-doctory of Kant and Hegel" and "the pure Atilla-ism of Marx.
He left Russia three years before Rand did and, unbeknown to both, in the 1950s they lived in New York City, he a professor of philosophy at St.
The evidence for this connection consists of taped interviews with Rand reported in Barbara Branden's The Passion of Ayn Rand and the earlier essay "Who is Ayn Rand?
The Rand McNally name is synonymous with maps and has a long standing reputation for quality, but that's not enough," McNally declared.
According to a recent customer survey, Rand McNally Map & Travel Stores scored 84 percent in customer satisfaction, with 70 percent of the respondents having visited the stores more than once.
The Rand McNally Map & Travel Store chain will continue to grow but specific locations haven't yet been decided upon, according to McNally.
Ingersoll Rand is a leading diversified industrial company providing products, services and integrated solutions to industries ranging from transportation and manufacturing to food retailing, construction, and agriculture.
Additionally, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies is an official partner of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) for security solutions and products.
About Schlage & Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies
Increased competition in South Africa due to imports following the strong Rand squeezed margins.
The impact of the stronger Rand on revenues more than offset the effect of the higher pulp prices and resulted in severe margin pressure.