Rapid Application Development

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Rapid Application Development

(RAD) A loose term for any software life-cycle designed to give faster development and better results and to take maximum advantage of recent advances in development software.

RAD is associated with a wide range of approaches to software development: from hacking away in a GUI builder with little in the way of analysis and design to complete methodologies expanding on an information engineering framework.

Some of the current RAD techniques are: CASE tools, iterative life-cycles, prototyping, workshops, SWAT teams, timebox development, and Re-use of applications, templates and code.

RAD at BSO/Den Haag.

["Rapid Application Development", James Martin].
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Paracon will also distribute VBSALT, the first rapid application development tool for Microsoft Speech Server.
It is the developer of the award-winning VBVoice(TM), and the new VBSALT(, Rapid Application Development tools for business-critical telephony and speech solutions.
1, the rapid application development tool for Microsoft Speech Server is available now from Pronexus and its distribution partner CYGCOM.
Ian Rae is the lead architect of the VBSALT rapid application development toolkit for MSS 2004.
arcplan's dynaSight SMB software, a continuation of its inSight product line, bridges the gap between off-the-shelf applications and in-house programming efforts with its rapid application development environment.

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