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Rara (Ra-Ra)

February-April; weekends in Lent
In Haiti the celebration of Carnival is known as Rara for the groups of people who come down from the hills to dance in processions on the weekends throughout Lent and particularly during Easter week. It begins by calling on Legba, who appears as Carrefour, the guardian of thresholds and crossroads.
Each Rara band consists of a musical group, a band chief, a queen with attendants, a women's choir, and vendors selling food. The group's leader often dresses like a jester and twirls a long baton known as a jonc . On Shrove Tuesday night, the Rara bands perform a Bruler Carnival in which they carry out the ritual burning of various carnival objects then make a cross on their forehead with the ashes. Rara has deep ties with Voodoo and its resemblance to other Carnival celebrations is largely superficial.
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Whether people grow fat by joking, or whether there is something in fat itself which predisposes to a joke, I have never been quite able to determine; but certain it is that a lean joker is a rara avis in terris.
This world champion came in second place behind a Rara muri from the bottom of nowhere who nobody had ever heard of," Caballo recounted.
De acuerdo con Savage (2002), Hyloscirtus palmeri es una especie rara, que se reproduce y habita en quebradas rocosas o penascos donde los machos cantan desde las rocas a lo largo de la corriente de agua, o en el suelo bajo las rocas; sin embargo, es reportada como frecuente por Castro-Herrera et al.
The biggest (literally) surprise came while hiking on a trail that climbed up to the border of Braulio Carrillo National Park to which the Rara Avis reserve abuts.
The Welsh-language shortlist includes Gwynfor Rhag Pob Brad by Rhys Evans, Llen Yr Uchelwyr by Dafydd Johnston and Rara Avis by Manon Rhys, according the BBC.
Con I poeti sono impossibili Alessandro Carrera definisce alcune dinamiche concettuali molto importanti, su cui si tornera inevitabilmente a pensare e a scrivere; tocca alcuni punti nodali del fare e diffondere cultura oggi e regala due o tre aneddoti illuminanti con rara lucidita e leggerezza--"Sulla stupidita dell'intelligenza (e viceversa)" e obbligatorio per chiunque si accosti a Gianni Celati.
Scholars with the knowledge of ancient Greek literature, epigraphic texts, and papyri needed for lexicography are few indeed; when one adds to that the requisite knowledge of the scholarly literature on the New Testament since 1800, all of which Fred Danker has, he is a rara avis indeed, and highly deserves this token of respect and admiration from other well-known scholars of ancient Greek.
Vodou Nation is where African, Amerindian and European cultures fuse and collide in a spectacular multi-media montage of dance, video, carnival and ceremony all underpinned by the pulsing rhythms and harmonies of Vodou-rock group RAM, with Haitian RaRa horns and Petro drums alongside rhythm and bass guitars.
The Locrian Maidens actually uncovers something new in the heavily trodden terrain of the classics, and in today's academy that amounts to a rara avis.
But by the logic of their position the consistent consequentialist (happily a rara avis) must always be open to the possibility that killing, torturing, or enslaving the innocent might be called for under special circumstances, and this recognition necessarily taints the character of even one's ordinary relations to other people.
During the six weeks between the eve of Lent and Easter Week, Haitian Rara bands take to the streets, offering the urban and rural poor of Haiti an opportunity to negotiate power under conditions of political and economic insecurity as well as publicly celebrate Vodoun religious culture.
LANCASTER - Joe Rara was a little giddy as he and 14 Antelope Valley College art students hung paintings for a Cedar Centre gallery show.