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or Rasis
, 860–932, Persian physician. He was chief physician at the Baghdad hospital. An observant clinician, he formulated the first known description of smallpox as distinguished from measles in a work known as Liber de pestilentia (tr.
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Papildomi nuosedziai gilinant pamata iskasomis rasis del itempiu grunte padidejimo, pazemejus pamato slegio poveikio lygiui.
Data abstraction: After identifying all relevant articles, we extracted characteristics of the study (author, year, design, duration, sample size, RASIs used, total mortality, cardiovascular mortality, bleeding complications and follow up percentage) and participants (age, gender).
001] and quality of life score in RASIs group [Standard difference in means: -0.
ascensional differences or corrections for Mesadi 6 rasis given in the
rasi(solar sravana) and ends with dhanusa rasi (solar Pausa).
1187) translated numerous texts, including some by Rasis, the author also translated by Gil de Santarem.
Rasis told the security guard, as he was asked to leave the shop, 'I know where you live and I'll smash your house up.
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17-Additional works for the transport of 545-682 cubic meters of potable water per day from the tanker filling station in Jibreen to tanker filling station in Wadi Quriyat and water network in Al Zuwaita, and Al Rasis in the wilayat of Bahla, Governorate of A'Dakhiliyah (RO 104,346).
Lee Rasis launched his verbal attack after being refused alcohol at the Wood Street store in Cardiff city centre.
10) Rasi tells of the looting of Toledo: "There were no cities nor castles in Spain where Tan found and took more jewels and a greater treasure than in Toledo.