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, city (1994 pop. 125,337), Bavaria, SE Germany, a port at the confluence of the Danube (Donau) and Regen rivers. In English it is known as Ratisbon. The city is a commercial, industrial, and transportation center; its manufactures include electronics, wood products,
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, Germany.
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Superbly organized and a work of impeccable scholarship, Papal Legislation On Sacred Music begins with chapters on the earlier Popes, John XXII and "Docta Sanctorum Patrum", the Council of Trent, and the Medicean Edition of the Chant Books, to church and religious music of the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries, the Ratisbon and Solesmes editions of the Chant Books, the reforms of Pius X, the Vatican Edition of the Chant Books, the "Motu Proprio" of November 22, 1903, and the final chapter "Conclusions".
And Etherege, whose work does show an affinity for 'The Last Night's Ramble', was far from London, on an embassy to the Holy Roman Emperor in Ratisbon.
This one connects the motherhouse buildings: Weber Conference Hall, Madden Hall, Holy Rosary Chapel, Ratisbon House, Regina Residence and the new wing of the health care center.
The Sisters of Sion were founded in Strasbourg, France, in the mid-nineteenth century by two priests, Theodore and Alphonse Ratisbon, converts from Judaism.