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[WPI] 1. To persist in discussing a specific subject.

2. To speak authoritatively on a subject about which one knows very little.

3. To complain to a person who is not in a position to correct the difficulty.

4. To purposely annoy another person verbally.

5. To evangelise. See flame.

6. Also used to describe a less negative form of blather, such as friendly bullshitting. "Rave" differs slightly from flame in that "rave" implies that it is the persistence or obliviousness of the person speaking that is annoying, while flame implies somewhat more strongly that the tone or content is offensive as well.
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The drug makes users feel "more alive" - energised, alert and keen to dance, hence its popularity in the late 1980s rave culture.
A true child of the entrepreneurial '90s, Sabin describes his career in terms of identity and branding, and he attributes the success of Tidal Rave, in part, to refined aesthetics mined from end-of-the-millenniurn rave culture.
com/books/sezinkoehler - is a post-modern feminist horror, and a savage indictment of rave culture.
Returning to the rave culture that inspired Chase & Status, the video for current single Blind Faith has been praised for its spot-on depiction of an early Nineties warehouse party.
He appeared in his first film while a student in Cardiff - Justin Kerrigan's rave culture movie Human Traffic - but received his big break when he was spotted by the English Shakespeare Company's Michael Bogdanov, who offered him a job at the company in Stratford-upon-Avon.
He appeared in his first film while a student in Cardiff - playing a toke-happy white rasta in Justin Kerrigan's rave culture movie Hu-man Traffic, ("I met Howard Marks, now he knows how to smoke
The Chemical Brothers, made up of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, rank among the only artists in their genre who have not only endured but prospered since their rave culture debut in 1995.
The dance resembles the social anxiousness of rave culture.
Matt Stokes, who is fascinated by rave culture, re-staged and filmed a Northern Soul dance event in a Scottish church to win the prestigious Beck's Futures award.
The rave culture in American society is popular among teens and young adults.
It has made careers, and has been instrumental in bringing rave culture to the mainstream by introducing dance tents at a rock festival.
I'd arrived with my daughter and her friend - two willowy 14-year-olds, all bare midriffs and attitude - on an island well known for Brits behaving badly, rave culture and wild partying.