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a concentration camp for women in Germany, near the city of Fürstenberg (now in the German Democratic Republic).

From 1939 to 1945, 132,000 women and several hundred children from 23 countries of Europe passed through the camp; 93,000 people were exterminated there. “Medical experiments,” such as sterilization and inoculation with infectious diseases, were widely practiced in Ravensbrück. Antifascist resistance groups operated in the camp. On Apr. 30, 1945, the prisoners of Ravensbrück were freed by the Soviet Army. A monument to the victims of fascism and a memorial museum now stand on the site of the former camp.


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Wrth i'r degawdau fynd rhagddynt, daw'r Almaen a perthnasau Almaenig-Iddewig Robat yn bwysicach iddo, a cheir cyfeirio cyson ganddo at ei deithiau i drefi fel Wittenberg, Ravensbruck a Burg Hornberg.
After the war she was arrested in Austria and given a short prison sentence for her role in Ravensbruck.
Her father, mother and brother died in concentration camps, though a sister who was active in the French Resistance survived imprisonment in the Ravensbruck camp.
Despues de dar a la luz en la carcel a su hija, la historiadora Anita Leocadia Prestes, (27) fue internada en el campo de concentracion de Ravensbruck y ulteriormente en Bernburg don de fue victima del programa T4 en 1942.
The village of Lidice was razed to the ground, 199 men were executed, 195 women dragged to Ravensbruck concentration camp and 95 children arrested.
Yes, I had heard of Ravensbruck, but I hadn't really looked into that story, and I wanted my study of the Danteum to be about such fashionable and cushy topics as modernism, and the dark side of Dantism (think of Pound, for instance), and the sure hit of "fascinating Fascism".
Secret agent Violette Szabo's story also ended in tragedy when she was executed by the Germans at Ravensbruck concentration camp, aged 23, after being captured in France at the time of the Normandy landings.
Skillfully weaving a tapestry of emotion and history, Dembowski recounts the effects of loss: at age twelve, his father's death; and later, the arrest of his mother and sister by the Gestapo and their execution in 1942 in the women's concentration camp of Ravensbruck.
The most prominent female perpetrators were the concentration camp overseers, trained mostly at Ravensbruck.
Fue asi que en octubre de 1943, junto con otras 70 mujeres, Esther Bejarano fue transportada de Auschwitz al campo de concentracion de mujeres de Ravensbruck, a 90 kilometros de Berlin.
Saidel in her study on the Ravensbruck women's concentration camp cites examples of women not only sharing recipes, but also creating drawings and embroideries, giving each other small gifts and poems and marking birthdays and holidays whenever possible (see some examples of cards and other artifacts made mostly by women prisoners at Spiritual Resistance <http://www.