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a concentration camp for women in Germany, near the city of Fürstenberg (now in the German Democratic Republic).

From 1939 to 1945, 132,000 women and several hundred children from 23 countries of Europe passed through the camp; 93,000 people were exterminated there. “Medical experiments,” such as sterilization and inoculation with infectious diseases, were widely practiced in Ravensbrück. Antifascist resistance groups operated in the camp. On Apr. 30, 1945, the prisoners of Ravensbrück were freed by the Soviet Army. A monument to the victims of fascism and a memorial museum now stand on the site of the former camp.


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Hermine Braunsteiner an overseer at Ravensbruck concentration camp and also at Majdanek, became famous for her cruelty to women and for the use of a whip filled with lead bullets.
Violette, the daughter of a London cabbie and a French dressmaker, was captured on an undercover mission for the British SOE in France in 1944 and executed in 1945 at the Ravensbruck concentration camp.
The tree has now been planted in Cwmgiedd by Pavla Nespor Bellisova, daughter of the chairman of the Lidice association and granddaughter of Anna Nesporova, one of the female survivors of the Lidice women who were sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp.
Brave Violette, who refused to divulge military secrets under sustained, brutal interrogation, is believed to have been shot at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp on February 5, 1945.
She died at Ravensbruck concentration camp - probably murdered.
After the ghetto was "liquidated", Mala became a slave labourer until 1944 when she was moved to Ravensbruck concentration camp and then to Bergen-Belsen.
A Gestapo raid sent Corrie and Betsie to the Ravensbruck concentration camp.
The family was arrested and imprisoned; Corrie's elderly father died ten days later, and her sister Betsie eventually died in the Ravensbruck concentration camp.
He often favoured female over male colleagues - his personal resistance cell was virtually all-female and included French former gymnast Suni Sandoe who survived the notorious Ravensbruck concentration camp.
Israel) presents the product of an Israeli-German team of female historians and sociologists on Jewish inmates of the Ravensbruck concentration camp in Nazi Germany, the only major one built specifically for women.
Buber-Neumann, who lived in exile in the Soviet Union, was even turned over to Hitler after the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 and barely survived the Ravensbruck concentration camp.
The two books have made Brown an international authority on the subject of the female guards and the Ravensbruck concentration camp where Elfriede Huth worked as a guard and dog handler.