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An internal DOS/Windows command that changes the name of files and folders. Rename and Ren are two forms of the command. To change from ABC.DOC to XYZ.DOC, type:



Folders can be renamed from one level higher or from somewhere else. If ROCK1 is a subfolder in MUSIC, it can be renamed ROCK2, as follows:
  C:\MUSIC>rename rock1 rock2
  C:\WORK>rename \music\rock1 rock2

If there is a mix of upper and lower case extensions, the Rename command can make them the same. To make all GIFs upper case GIF, type:
rename *.gif *.GIF
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Mr Andrews, who vented his frustrations on Twitter yesterday, maintained Wales would be retaining the respected GCSE and A-level brands, and refused to concede any ground on the potential for one of the home nations to re-name their qualifications.
CHARLOTTE -- NBA great Michael Jordan wants to get Charlotte buzzing again, applying to the NBA to re-name his Charlotte Bobcats the Hornets.
Monday 6pm, Governance & Business Committee: Updates on the pay policy, planning delegation rules and whether Calderdale should re-name the clock tower at Halifax Town Hall the Elizabeth Tower after the Queen.
Upon closing, CVS/pharmacy will operate and re-name nine of the acquired locations and relocate ten other Medicine Chest pharmacies into nearby existing CVS/pharmacy locations.
It's fitting that the county council should now re-name its recently re-modelled leisure centre in her home town of Flint in honour of that achievement.
A proposal came forward to re-name a playing field which he used as a child.
In 1989, tens of thousands Turkish demonstrators took to the streets in the north-eastern and south-eastern provinces to protest against the so-called "Revival Process", designed by the Communist regime and aiming at re-name all people from the Islamic minorities with Slavic names.
Since its formation in November 2007 the club has been forced to move home three times and re-name from Northallerton to North Yorkshire, as finding a venue willing to support club development has proved difficult.
Tim Huxtable, cabinet member for regeneration, who announced a decision to re-name the Gun Quarter to St George and St Chad's Quarter, said maps used by the council for years were inaccurate because they showed a far larger gun manufacturing area than ever existed.
I will now have to re-name my favourite garden gnome after a new hero.
Joe Morrissey, the company senior vice president and operations, said, 'We chose to re-name the course The Preserve at Verdae to reflect our commitment to preserving the balance between nature and golf.
Geagea also stressed that March 14th Forces shall not relinquish any efforts to re-name Hariri as the new Prime Minister, denying that Hariri has signed any settlement agreement.