Walther Flemming

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Flemming, Walther


Born Apr. 21, 1843, in Sachsenberg; died Aug. 4, 1905, in Kiel. German histologist.

Flemming was a professor at the universities in Prague (from 1873) and Kiel (1876–1901). His main works dealt with the histology of mollusks, tissue regeneration, connective and adipose tissue, follicle structure, and spinal ganglia cells. His research on the fine structure of the cell became especially well known. Flemming used his own fixing method (Flemming’s fixing fluid) and staining method to study the structure of protoplasm, the nucleus, and centrosomes and the process of cell division, both direct and indirect. This research was very important for the development of cytology. Flemming’s fixing and staining methods became widely used in laboratories.


Zellsubstanz Kern und Zellteilung, Leipzig, 1882.
Studien über Regeneration der Gewebe. Bonn, 1885.
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ABS]), which is a combined measure of three partial performances: a) related with the amount of photosynthetic reaction centers, b) the maximal energy flux, which reaches the PSII reaction center, and c) the electron transport at the onset of illumination, was dose-dependent (decrease with increase of the dose) (Figure 3F).
That maintains a smooth flow of light energy through the reaction centers.
There are pigmented structures on the thylakoid membrane that absorb the photon, transferring its energy from one pigment to another, down the energy gradient to the reaction center in the thylakoid membrane.
attaches to the binding site B of the reaction center subunit [D.
The reaction center is awaiting the sun after a dark night But how are the two chlorophyll a's to capture the light?
If photosynthesis is inhibited, either because the reaction centers are closed or photosystem II is blocked by DCMU, fluorescence increases to about 3% (Kirk 1996).
z] shuttles electrons from the Mn cluster of the oxygen evolving complex to the oxidized reaction center chlorophyll ([P.
0 of ISI Chemistry Server that allows cross-file searching of Reaction Center and the new Compound Center database.
0 of ISI Chemistry Server allows cross-file searching of Reaction Center and the new Compound Center database.
When reaction centers close, excitation energy passes from chlorophyll to zeaxanthin and is converted to thermal energy (increasing leaf temperature) before it reaches the PSII reaction center.