reaction rate

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reaction rate:

see chemical reactionchemical reaction,
process by which one or more substances may be transformed into one or more new substances. Energy is released or is absorbed, but no loss in total molecular weight occurs.
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A] is reaction rate, k is reaction rate constant, [C.
It has been observed that the temperature is not considered as a variable influencing the reaction rate, and therefore, these systems are assumed to be isothermal (7, 8).
The fluid-solid reaction rate can be obtained using the heterogeneous and homogeneous reaction models.
2] and NOx reaction rate constants for the other reactions, tests were conducted with a simulated exhaust gas consisting of 77% ([+ or -]3%) [N.
The reaction rate passes through a maximum as the surfactant concentration increases.
The CO reduces the steady-state concentration of C (O) due to the inverse reaction and has an adverse effect on the reaction rate.
As the steel wool spins around, it is exposed to more oxygen and therefore the reaction rate increases.
The local reaction rate was determined for inactivated influenza, hepatitis A and diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccines for both sites--arm and thigh.