real-time operating system

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Real-Time Operating System

(operating system)
(RTOS) Any operating system where interrupts are guaranteed to be handled within a certain specified maximum time, thereby making it suitable for control of hardware in embedded systems and other time-critical applications. RTOS is not a specific product but a class of operating systems.

real-time operating system

A master control program that provides immediate responses to input signals and transactions. See real-time system, embedded system, embedded Linux, process control and OS-9.
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Tata Elxsi will provide integration and customisation services for the following embedded software solutions from BlackBerry: QNX Neutrino Realtime OS, QNX Momentics Tool Suite, QNX Hypervisor, QNX SDK for Apps & Media, QNX Wireless Framework, QNX OS for Safety, QNX OS for Medical, QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, QNX Platform for Acoustics, and QNX Platform for ADAS.
TAK)-Marmara Research Center (MRC) has selected the QNX Neutrino Realtime OS as the software platform for its new E1000 electric locomotive.
There is a growing community of enthusiasts who need the embedded or realtime OS, as well as other industries that could benefit from it.
QNX said Servomex Group, a world leader in gas analysis technology, has selected the QNX Neutrino Realtime OS to power its next generation of gas analyzers, which needed a high-performance OS, flexibility for supporting a range of market-specific applications and the reliability to be deployed in safety-critical environments.

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