Rebreanu, Liviu

Rebreanu, Liviu


Born Nov. 27, 1885, in Tîrlişiua, Transylvania; died Sept. 1, 1944, in Bucharest. Rumanian writer.

Rebreanu graduated from the Military Academy in Budapest in 1905. He was an outstanding representative of critical realism. His most important works are the novels Ion (1920; Russian translation, 1966), which develops the tragic theme of the power of land; The Forest of the Hanged (1922; Russian translation, 1958), about the fratricidal nature of World War I; and The Uprising (1932; Russian translation, 1970), which deals with the peasant revolt of 1907. Rebreanu translated into Rumanian L. N. Tolstoy’s War and Peace and A. P. Chekhov’s short stories.


Opere alese, vols. 1–5. Bucharest, 1959–61.
In Russian translation:
Vesy pravosudiia. Bucharest, 1959.
Novelty. Moscow, 1975.


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