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At any time, four are available, from anywhere on the surface of the Earth, to provide, with suitable recievers, the possibility of letting someone on Earth pinpoint their geographical location to within metres.
It seems however, that a glitch in diverting the fax can end with it being sent to the wrong reciever, hence Mr Aderinola's remarkable scoop.
They agreed to terms with that owner to get the tenant two full floors, but the deal was complicated by the fact that a reciever had been appointed for this site just a few days earlier and approval was needed by the receiver and a judge.
Signal costs $595 including enhanced reciever and software.
The FDIC was appointed the reciever of First Regional by the DFI.
Former walk-on wide reciever and kicker for UO's football team in spring of 2012.
Reciever Damian Williams has known Mustain since they were in the fifth grade.
Reciever David Boston (knee), cornerback Sam Madison (hip) and linebacker Junior Seau (calf) are questionable for the Dolphins.
Tolerences of the reciever and barrel are held so closely that no intricate lathe work requiring a true gunsmith is necessary as is the case with most sniper rifles.
Eagles reciever James Thrash, playing on a sprained ankle, was the star of the show in a thrilling 24-21 victory which clinched Philly's' first NFC East title since 1988.