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One who receives; receiver. E.g. "No recipient of the e-mail message will know about the other addressees who were listed in the BCC header."



a human being or animal in which an organ, tissue, or cells from another organism have been transplanted. Transplantation is performed for therapeutic purposes, as in the case of blood transfusions and heart and kidney transplants. It is also carried out in order to study organ and cell functions; an example is the transplantation of bone marrow to animals that have been subjected to ionizing radiation. In addition, transplantation is sometimes performed for cosmetic purposes. The main conditions for the survival of foreign organs, tissues, or cells are the choice of a suitable donor and suppression of immunity in the recipient before the transplantation takes place. An organism with a surviving transplant is termed a chimera.


Moore, F. Istoriia peresadok organov. Moscow, 1973. (Translated from English.)


One who receives. The person to whom an email message is sent is the recipient.
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Patricia Hizo-Abes, of the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, hypothesized that professionals would share the donor's and recipients opinions but they were wrong.
Note: Fax numbers collected by a company prior to July 9, 2005, from recipients who had EBRs with the company prior to that date are exempt from this rule.
From the pool of district recipients, the ADAA Awards Subcommittee chooses one awardee for recognition as the national Award of Excellence recipient.
The approval of the data warehouse follows the release in June of a grand jury report that found welfare recipients and their friends and relatives have defrauded taxpayers of $500 million a year.
55) Of course, this last provision may be of little help to service recipients that are public companies, because the establishment of material modifications to compensation plans for their executive officers will, quite apart from Sec.
The current practice for protecting email's utility as an efficient form of communication is to ostracize abusive sources when much of their email is sent to recipients that never expressed a desire for its receipt.
Keywords: Social justice, long-term welfare recipients, work first, Rawls
The recipient was given ceftriaxone before and after transplantation for 7 days.
In 2004 CAGNY created a new recipient category entitled "Honorable Mention" which provides several worthy students with a college stipend.
That will open the Mail Merge Recipients screen (exhibit 7, page 72), which gives you an opportunity to populate or filter the list by clicking on the (continued on page 72) arrow next to the column heading you wish to include: Address, City, State.
Statistics indicate that no significant difference between the 26 percent of the mismatched cord blood recipients and the 20 percent of the mismatched marrow recipients who survived.
In a 1993 study aptly tided" The Nonequivalence of High School Equivalents;' Stephen Cameron and James Heckman found that recipients of a regular high-school degree earn approximately 11 percent more than youths with a GED certificate.