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Thirty-four plus percent recombination or 34 map units is a much better estimate of the true recombination frequency between sepia and ebony but is still less than the official map distance probably because of the underestimation of the recombination frequency due to the inability to detect double crossovers, as well as other factors.
02 msms (MS plants) ([dagger]) r = recombination frequency [+ or -] SE.
2000) performed saturation mapping on chromosome 5B to determine the recombination frequency of the gene-rich region between fraction breakpoints 0.
In fact, for each population size, an optimal recombination frequency between loci exists that maximizes R[infinity].
Re-examination of the recombination frequency between acid phosphatase and Kunitz tripsin inhibitor loci in soybean.
sl] (<50 genotypes) is combined with a reduced recombination frequency between the target gene and flanking markers (2 and 4 cM), the number of generations for selecting two individuals ([N.
Using the proportion of 7:3, it was calculated that of the overall recombination frequency of 18.
2] so that the expected recombination frequency between the closest marker in the [F.
4% recombination frequency of the segment of 1BS shared by 1B+40 and T-9.
With a single meiosis, the recombination frequency was r between [M.
Over multiple cycles of selection, feedback may occur between these influences that compound the differences between inbreeding methods: repulsion linkages may both decrease expressed genetic variance and lead to fixation of unfavorable alleles; loci that remain polymorphic may be linked or unlinked leading to shifts in the average recombination frequency among polymorphic loci.